Tasty Snacks for Your Midnight Needs

One of the struggles of being a night-owl is that usually, midnight is the time when your brain just goes overdrive. Aside from the unusual creativity that only strikes during midnight, you are also pestered by many cravings that you cannot satisfy because the rest of the world is busy being asleep.

However, you do not have to sit there helplessly with your unsatisfied cravings and wait for sleep to come. Whatever you are doing during midnight – watching a movie, spending a night with your friends, or just having a really bad case of insomnia – a tasty midnight snack will surely reduce or even quench those unexpected midnight cravings.

Listed below are possible midnight tasty snacks ideas that are simple and easy to make.

Grilled Chocolate Sandwich

When the clock strikes twelve and your stomach grumbles with it, you can always resort to the simplest and easiest snack to make to satisfy your midnight hunger. Grilled Chocolate Sandwich is one option you can consider.

Since it is easy to make, you do not have to scramble your entire house just to look for its ingredients. All you need to have is a loaf of bread, chocolate syrup or spread, and an oven. For only about ten minutes, you can make this easy and tasty snack to fill up both your night and your stomach.

Because of its simplicity, you can actually prepare this tasty snack in many ways.

One way to do is to put a couple slices of bread in the oven (or if you can use a toaster, it’s much better) until it turns light brown. After that, cut them into squares (about nine squares for each slice of bread) and spread them out on a plate.

Then, grab your chocolate syrup and pour it all over the plate. If you have condensed milk, you can also pour it together with the chocolate syrup to create a synergistic blend between milk and chocolate.

The flavor will surely melt in your mouth and will make you want more.



Fun Yogurt

Among the other tasty snacks, this one is probably the easiest to prepare. If you are not in the mood to move so much, there is still a simple yet amazingly easy snack out there to accompany you during the night. It doesn’t require anything except for yogurt and a couple of candies.

What you need to do is just simply open your yogurt and sprinkle some sweet candies into it. It is that simple yet the end product will surely quench your midnight cravings.

Aside from being totally easy to make, yogurt also has its health benefits. So not only will you be enjoying your night with a yummy yogurt, you will also be taking a step forward to fitness even if you do not have plans at the moment.

Bread Sticks with Chocolate Dip

Just like the Fun Yogurt, another snack that you can consider that does not require any kind of effort is bread sticks partnered with chocolate dip.

This snack is just as the name describes. All you need to do is to ransack your house and search for bread sticks and a chocolate dip. Then, you can go into your room or wherever you are spending your midnight in and indulge in the simple sweetness that this pair provides.

In eating this snack, you may find yourself with fingers smeared with chocolate dip. One way to avoid this is to use a spoon to scoop the chocolate dip so you do not have to bury your whole hand inside the jar just to scrape off the chocolate trapped at the bottom.

Oreo Pancakes

Whoever said that pancakes are only for mornings and breakfasts clearly has crippled taste buds. Rebel from the conventional ideas on when to eat what kind of food by whipping out a couple of pancakes during the dead of night.

Since pancakes are so easy and quick to make, they are perfect for midnight snacks and could possibly even serve as a super-early breakfast (because you probably won’t make wake up early enough to catch the real breakfast).

You can make your pancakes even more delicious by putting ground Oreos into the mix. The smooth texture of the pancakes combined with the classic chocolate taste of Oreos is a combo that will surely satisfy your current midnight cravings and even create future cravings because of its lasting addictive sweetness.