Low Fat Snacks to Replace Your Regular Snacks

As a child, most of us were probably spoiled by our parents with many treats that they became part of our lives. Eating snacks has turned into a regular habit that is hard to extinguish. However, when we reach the part of our lives when we finally realize the value of healthy living, we want to stop eating these things we have labelled as “unhealthy” but the established habit is preventing us from doing so.

But fret not, because having these habits doesn’t prevent you from achieving your fitness and health goals. If you think you need to abandon your snacking habits to be fit and healthy, then you are mistaken. All you need to do is to change your snacking rituals by replacing what you eat with healthier, low fat alternatives.

Listed below are low fat snacks alternatives you can use to help you take a step closer in meeting your fitness and health goals.

Pretzels instead of Regular Chips

Eating chips has always been a guilty pleasure for many of us. It’s something that most cannot live without. That’s why if you have a habit of eating chips frequently, it’s harder to give it up when you suddenly want to become healthy.
Since giving up the habit of eating chips is almost impossible, what you can do is replace the chips you are eating with the healthier option which are pretzels.

Pretzels are the low fat snacks equivalent of regular chips. A 100-gram worth of pretzels only have three grams of total fat. Furthermore, 88% of these fats are actually the healthy unsaturated fats that help in lowering your cholesterol.
Comparing that to your regular potato chips, most of them have at least 36 grams of fat per 100-gram serving. So just by that, you can see the significant difference between eating regular potato chips and pretzels.
So if you tweak your chip-eating habit by replacing it with pretzels, you are actually eating a considerably less amount of fats and at the same time, not having to give up eating tasty treats.

Low-Fat Granola Bars instead of Candy Bars

Candy bars are one of those snacks that have pretty much defined most of our childhood. For many, it is the reward we get when we did something good back when we were kids – which is probably the reason why giving them up as adolescents or adults is such a hard thing to do.

But just like the potato chips, we do not have to completely abandon the habit if we want to be healthy. Low-fat Granola bars are good and healthy alternatives to candy bars.

Since it is made of whole-grain oats, nuts, and dried fruits, eating a low-fat granola bar actually help lower your cholesterol and prevent certain chronic diseases like cancer and some cardiovascular disease.

Aside from that, because of its ingredients, low-fat granola bars are typically rich in fiber. Because of that, by eating low-fat granola bars, you will enjoy the health benefits that accompany eating foods rich in fiber. Some of these benefits are having a healthier colon and lesser cases of constipation.

Fat-free Frozen Yogurt instead of Ice Cream

If you are caught amidst a bad breakup or just feeling particularly blue, you may find yourself craving for something cold to soothe your inner pain. However, this is actually what causes the post-breakup weight gain because most people tend to go for ice cream because when we were kids, it was what our parents gave us to make us feel better.
If you want to feel better while you are feeling blue and after the blue passes by, you may want to consider eating a fat-free frozen yogurt instead.

Eating fat-free yogurt has many health benefits for you.

For one, many brands of frozen yogurt contain probiotic bacteria. Before running away and thinking what you are eating has green worms (how bacteria is portrayed in the media), fret not because probiotic bacteria are actually the good kind of bacteria. They help us in removing harmful microorganisms that can cause intestinal infection in our digestive tract.

Aside from that, frozen yogurt is also full of vitamins. One serving has a healthy dose of phosphorus, iodine, riboflavin, potassium, zinc, vitamin B5, and vitamin B12. Eating frozen yogurt will help you fulfil your body’s daily needs.

Not only that, frozen yogurt also keeps you from getting colds for a long time. Since yogurt contains live bacteria, it signals the immune-boosting cells to power up and fight. So when you come across an actual pathogen like the rhinovirus (the virus that causes cold), the immune system is now more prepared to fend it off and protect you from sickness.